Sagebrush Skies Boer Goats

We decided  this year to add to our hobby ranch on the hill by raising top quality full-blood boer goats.  We are excited to have our first four goats that will form the foundation of our herd.  We looked for high quality animals from a reputable breeder who was in it because they loved goats.  We found that with Gorge-Us Boer Goats along the beautiful Columbia Gorge in Washington.  Jim and Sue LaFollette were wonderful to work with and we are excited to start with some wonderful goats from their herd.


Dazzle, Leona, Mira, and Carina will be our foundation upon which we will build.  Our first kids from Leona and Dazzle should arrive sometime in September.  We are members of the American Boer Goat association.