"Sagebrush Skies is our hobby farm under the dark skies of Eltopia"

Our slice of heaven on the hill...

Sagebrush Skies Boer Goats

We decided  this year to add to our hobby ranch on the hill by raising top quality full-blood boer goats.  We are excited to have our first four goats that will form the foundation of our herd.  We looked for high quality animals from a reputable breeder who was in it because they loved goats.  We found that with Gorge-Us Boer Goats along the beautiful Columbia Gorge in Washington.  Jim and Sue LaFollette were wonderful to work with and we are excited to start with some wonderful goats from their herd.


Dazzle, Leona, Mira, and Carina will be our foundation upon which we will build.  Our first kids from Leona and Dazzle should arrive sometime in September.  We are members of the American Boer Goat association.



Sagebrush Skies Observatory

One of the reasons we love our small piece of paradise is the dark skies here 17 miles north of Pasco.  I have been sharing the night sky with friends and youth groups for over 10 years but when we moved out here I determined I wanted to build a home for my telescopes that would be worthy of them.  This is a rolloff roof design that provides great views of the southern horizon along with a comfortable room that has heat and air-conditioning so I can always be comfortable if I am imaging.

What makes this observatory extra special is that it was not only built by my family but it was the basis for my youngest daughter’s senior project from high school.  I’ll publish that story when I have some time.

Along with visual observing alone and with friends, I thoroughly enjoy doing astrophotography.  Over the coming weeks and months I will be publishing some of my photographic works.

A final component that I enjoy is that of doing asteroid occultation work.  I’ll be publishing some materials on that when I get some time.

In order to check the weather for observing I was able to get a private forecast from the ClearSkyClock service for my observatory location.

You can view that here.


Home & Garden

One thing we like to do here on our hill is grow a garden.  We don’t profess to be a fully self sustainable hobby farm but we do operate on the principles of self reliance.  Growing much of our own fruit and vegetables are part of that exercise.  Raising meat goats are the newest part of this endeavor.  Our goal is ultimately to give to our children and our grandchildren a work ethic and testimony of hard work and self reliance that we just couldn’t do when we lived in town.


My wife Susan is the master chef and gardener and really the brains of the outfit here.  Over the coming weeks and months we’ll describe our gardening techniques, our successes, and our failures.  I am sure Susan will also inject the occasional recipe for folks who like to cook.  I know I have benefited from her cooking to the tune of about 50 pounds since we got married.  Not good for my physique but it sure tasted good.



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